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We completely remove any tree, hedge or shrubs to ground level and apply poison to stumps if needed, all waste is removed and recycled correctly.


We remove the outer canopy of the tree to reduce the overall size of the tree, normally this is measured in percentages (20%/30%) all work is carried out to British standards meaning the work we carry out will only benefit your trees for many more years to come.

Tree thinning

We remove the internal branches all over the tree to allow for more light to penetrate through, meaning more light in your garden.

Crown lifting 

We remove the lower branches on the trees to either prevent them being a hazard to friends and family's or to just allow for more light to reach the ground beneath the trees.

Tree pollarding

We remove all branches from the trees leaving just the main scaffold. We only recommend this tree work on certain species due to the impact it can put onto the tree, once this has been performed on a tree we recommend getting the same work done every two years.

Invasive cutback

We cut back neighbouring branches/hedges growing into your garden. legally you are allowed to remove any overhanging vegetation invading your boundary. We at out on a limb treecare can discuss any proposed with the neighbour's involved on your behalf before any work is carried out. 

Stump poisoning 

We either drill poison pellets or paint onto the stumps. this helps to rot the stumps down. The main advantage of doing this is the poison also rots down any roots that may be causing damage to your garden or property. 

24 hour emergency callout 

Nobody wants to wake up to a tree falling on their property or blocking a road/walkway, we at out on a limb treecare are on hand 24hrs a day to help with any emergency's.

Animal rescue and bird box installation 

Has your cat got stuck up a tree? we are on hand to assist with a caring approach to climb up and get the cat down safely. We also attach birdboxes into tree for your enjoyment and to help bring the wildlife into your garden.

Hedge cutting and shaping 

From general re shaping of hedges and shrubs to reducing height/width of over grown hedges we offer one off prices and regular yearly trim ups.

Weed killing and removal

we remove the tops of the weeds exposing the main shoots which then we apply weed killer using nap sack sprayers. this is perfect solution for weeds growing through patios ect but will require re application every 6 months.


we remove the top 2 inches of old lawn down the the fresh soil. we then rotorvate the whole area and re level to get the whole site to a much better condition. We can then roll out new turf to either cover the whole area or to cut in new flower beds. the whole area is then stamped down to ensure there are no loose turfs to leave any lines in your new lawn. All materials can be provided for this work.

Garden clearances 

Have you recently moved into a property where the garden has been forgotten? we can remove all green waste to get the garden back to a manageable state again. further landscaping may be required to get the garden perfect again but this can be discussed if needed.

Fence repairs

From repairing wind blown fences to replacing damaged posts or panels, we can offer cheaper alternatives to replacing the whole fence.

Gate installations 

we remove the old wooden gate and posts, then we can install brand new posts and fixing with your choice of new gate to make your garden safe again.

Complete fence removal and installs.

If your garden fence is starting to look a little sorry for itself and posts/panels starting to fall to bits why not treat yourself to a brand new setup. every fence supplied uses brand new posts and panels to guarantee a fresh looking fence for many years to come. when we replace a fence all material will be provided and we can also remove the waste and recycle it properly.

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